#littlethingsmatter Campaign

Let’s do this. Together.

Recognizing the little things that other people have done for me has made all the difference in my times of darkness, let it do the same for you!

It’s time to show the world that little things matter! What are the little things, you ask?

Well, exactly how it sounds … Has someone texted you or called you during a hard time? Has someone opened a door for you lately? Has someone brought in your garbage can from the road? Do you come home from a long day of work and your kids run out to greet you? Did your favorite song come on the radio at just the best time? Has someone told you that you looked nice, or were funny, or they loved your smile?

It can be anything – let’s just get it going!

Share a story on instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. with the hashtag #littlethingsmatter and let’s inundate the world with goodness, love, and light!

If you need some inspiration, here is one of my favorite #littlethingsmatter:



I want to tell you about my brother, Gabriel. This is him. He’s awesome and has always been.

Middle school and high school were awful times for me. However, Gabriel, who was one year older, was popular. I feel his popularity came because of who he was and still is – always happy, loud, funny, and full of life.

When I started high school I was scared, overweight, depressed, and full of self loathing. Some older brothers would have wanted to ignore that little sister so their popularity could stay intact – not Gabriel. He always had a smile and a hug for me when we passed in the hall. He also tried to include me with his friends and because of that many of his friends became mine.

One day, during lunch, I was sitting in the hall alone, watching him and his friends outside skateboarding and laughing – it looked like fun. One of his friends came in and over to me (one of his highly good looking friends, haha) and he had an envelope in his hand and told me someone wanted me to have it.

I opened the envelope and inside were 2 tickets to Matchbox 20 (I know what you are thinking but remember this was the late 90’s) and a note from Gabby … it said, “hey Mia, I have these two tickets and I could think of no one better to go to this concert with – love you, I can’t wait, it’s gonna be awesome – love, Gab”

Now, I don’t even know if he remembers this but this was something that impacted my life in a large way – Gabriel is incredible and I’m lucky to have him in my life! Follow his example, do something for someone today! #littlethingsmatter


6 thoughts on “#littlethingsmatter Campaign

  1. I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and I was immediately sucked in. Everything about your writing is so passionate and true. As someone who has struggled with depression since I was a child, I appreciate everything you’re putting out there into the world. Please write a book, or if you have one what is the title? Thank you once again.


    1. Ali,

      Thank you so very much for your kind words and for reading. The whole point of my blog is wanting to connect with one individual, if only that one connection is made, then I feel I have done what I set out to do. I spent too many years feeling alone and knowing my words impacted you makes me feel blessed 🙂 I don’t have a book but possibly one day! I’ll do my best to keep writing and I hope you keep reading! 🙂


  2. Wow!! I’ve only read a little but your blog really resonates with me! My life mission is to leave people better than I find them and I believe it’s best done in the little things.

    Thank you thank you thank you! Especially your recent entry on sexual abuse.


    1. Emily! Thank you so very much for your comment and for reading my words 🙂 I love that you are a fellow believer in the little things! I love your life mission and believe the world would be such a better place if we all lived as you describe!


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