My name is Mia. I am a writer, speaker, social worker, and friend.

As a child I was a victim of sexual abuse and I never talked about it. Due to my childhood trauma, as an adult I suffered from depression and anxiety and I never talked about it. I tried to take my life and for weeks, for months after, I never talked about it.

I then began to talk.

Now, as a CSW (Certified Social Worker), I’m working and seeking to help others learn to talk. I also speak publicly and share my story, hoping that in breaking my silence other’s will believe they too, can break theirs.

Life is amazing, hard, beautiful, disappointing, hilarious and basically every other adjective the human language holds.

This blog, my words, are for the one.

Everyone matters. Everyone. If I only reach one, it will be enough.

When I’m not being super serious in “about me” sections I enjoy my family, friends, finding humor in the ridiculous, pretending I’m as cool as Amy Poehler, and hating hiking, biking and other physical activities but somehow still trying to do them.