Yachts and Red Ribbons


Hello world!

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for joining me on my new adventure.

Don’t worry, my computer only sustained minor damages from the Martinelli’s Apple Cider. I’m sure if it would have been real champagne the damage would have been a lot worse, good thing I don’t drink. Look at us? Already getting to know each other. How cool are we?!

Hopefully we are going to be lifelong friends. I have started this new website with the hopes of reaching more people and sharing my story of working through the difficulties of childhood abuse, depression, PTSD, and suicide.

Yikes. That sounds like such a downer.

Maybe I should be a fashion or lifestyle blogger? Well … maybe not … fashion is not my thing and I just duct taped the cuts on my black leather couch, so obviously, my lifestyle is too cool to copy.

This new website, for the one,  is based on the idea that all people matter. Every. Single. One.

If I reach only one person, that is enough.

So, get to know me in the “About” section, check out my #littlethingsmatter campaign, read about why bringing awareness to suicide is important to me, and if you need a speaker for your next conference or event check out “Mia Speaks”.

Below, you will also see five of my most popular blog posts transferred over from my previous home, so read and share!

Get ready, friends, this yacht we call is officially sailing into the interwebs – it’s gonna be great!


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