Alive Day.

**originally posted 01/12/2015**


I am blessed. I am alive.

Two years ago – 01/12/2013, I almost wasn’t. This video is a brief snapshot of some of the moments I would have missed.

It hasn’t all been amazing and challenging moments remain for me as they do for all of us; however, seeing some of the many good moments all lined up together helps me to retrain my focus towards the positive. I am humbled at all the amazing moments God has granted me over the last two years and I want all those who have loved and supported me to know just how much I love them … I am alive because good people care about me and see me in my struggles and happiness.

Happy Alive Day everyone 🙂 This day is dedicated to all those who are no longer with us due to the tragedy of suicide …. my heart is with you for I too have faced the darkness and pain of wanting to end your life … if you are depressed, if you are sad, if anxiety cripples your daily life please feel me with you in the struggle … KEEP BREATHING…

all my love . . .

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