I see you.

I have always hated shopping. Did you gasp? I was kind of hoping someone would gasp. That was my thought when I started with that intro – in the world in which we live, women are supposed to love shopping, if I started with a hatred of that then the shock must induce gasps … … More I see you.

A Voice.

“She’s just discovered her voice” “Oh. Then, she’s gonna be a singer?”  “Well, she’s gonna be something . . . aren’t you? Yes, yes you are. . . .”   Recently, I found myself waiting for a client in the lobby of DCFS. It was after office hours and the normally crowded and loud waiting … More A Voice.

Alive Day.

**originally posted 01/12/2015**   I am blessed. I am alive. Two years ago – 01/12/2013, I almost wasn’t. This video is a brief snapshot of some of the moments I would have missed. It hasn’t all been amazing and challenging moments remain for me as they do for all of us; however, seeing some of … More Alive Day.